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Zoey | Photos by Meg Senior photographer | San Antonio Senior photography

Zoey has the best personality not to mention she’s gorgeous! A little back story on this session. We were planning on meeting up downtown San Antonio about an hour and a half before dark. Traffic, parking and multiple events meaning lots of pedestrians meant that we didn’t start shooting until about 15 prior to sunset. I really didn’t think we’d get many in but we made it work via street light. Who would have thought I could push my camera that far. Zoey wanted to do a more creative shoot with splattered paint. Where would you do this you ask? Well all three of us crammed ourselves into a restaurant’s bathroom on the riverwalk, layer a shower curtain down and mom splattered paint all over. This shoot was soooo much fun. Lots of laughs. Makes me realize why I love my job so much. It’s never the same. Every shoot is unique in its challenges and rewards.

MAL_4617 copy.jpg