365 | January | Lifestyle Newborn, Family and Children Photographer Oahu, HI

Wow, I have to say that this challenge has always frightened me a little.  Committed to a picture every...single....day!  I've followed my favorite photogs 365 photos the last couple years saying next year I will take this on.  Well all that worry wasn't necessary because I actually really enjoy it.  Sure, there are days that I totally forget until right before bedtime and say "Crap what am I going to try to capture today"  but I love the fact that these little day to day moments are getting documented, especially for my husband overseas.  Whether your a pro photographer or a proud mom or dad I highly recommend doing your own 365 challenge.  It's not too late.  Even if you don't get one every single day, you will be so glad for the ones you do get.  ♥︎